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Bioengineering with unique insights. This is evolution at hyperspeed.

We believe that we can harness the power of biology to create products that nourish, heal, and sustain each other and our planet.

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Our advantage

We discover the 1 in a million 10,000x faster

Harnessing evolution means giving nature the time and space to find complex solutions. Current technology falls far short of the scale required to accelerate this process. The current state of the art is to rely on technology like liquid-handling robotics to look for a 1-in-a-million solution using a method that can only search through thousands of samples. At Triplebar, we measure the effect of billions of mutations. We oversample the genome every day and use this capacity to quickly find solutions to the greatest problems we face.

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Triplebar's Hyper-throughput Aut-o-mat™️ Platform

Microbial genome size (4-6 million base pairs)
Current best-in-class robotic automation
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Our impact

We make products that address humanity's most pressing challenges.

Sustainable proteins for a growing, global population

Disrupting biofilms to heal chronic wounds

Functional discovery of new medicines

Real meat without the animals

How we accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable bioproducts 

Meet the Aut-o-mat™️: our platform for evolution at hyperspeed.

Identify the need

We want to hear from you about how you’re using biology to heal and nourish people and planet. Our products are the translation of global problems into molecules and organisms that offer solutions. 


Design & Build genome-scale libraries

We work with a range of industrially proven hosts and create massive, diverse libraries that probe entire genomes of information. Our Aut-o-mats™️ enable us to work with simple, rapid-turn diversity to optimize over many generations quickly, providing solutions that don’t require a mechanistic understanding of the problem. 


Test billions of mutations, accurately

The Aut-o-mat™️ performs complex assays at thousands per second with the noise characteristics of a liquid handling robot. Our testing program spans 12-orders of magnitude, enabling us to design assays and screen for scale-up. The depth of screening possible on an Aut-o-mat™️  enables identification of rare changes with large gains while the low noise allows us to capture the small changes needed to approach perfection.


Learn from massive datasets

We assign functional labels to millions of mutations in every generation. We then use these rich datasets to train  the next generation of AI algorithms. This AI learns how nature solves complex problems and enables better design of the next generation of solutions.


A better way to make progress

See how the Aut-o-mat™️ compares to traditional approaches

Using the Triplebar approach for strain engineering, a team of 3 was able to improve yield of a commercial fermentation process 3-fold in a month. This was the same improvement a team of 50 had achieved in 3 years: a 20-fold speed improvement.

20x faster
2 mo.
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30 mo.

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We’re looking for amazing individuals with a passion for developing a better tomorrow . If helping to build a transformative company in a vibrant and flexible work environment excites you, that excites us.

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To feed the world, it is estimated that global food production will need to double between 2010 and 2050. Growing insecticide resistance and insect territory expansion threaten the crop yields needed to feed the world. These threats continue to drive the need for new, safe insecticides. Our aim is to use the power of evolution to expand available insecticides by both discovering new and improving production of insecticides. Here’s how we rapidly screen and evolve libraries and production hosts to enable new insecticides.

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